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John Gurreiro Memorial

Posted: 25 Jun 2017 04:44
by Joshua Morriseau
This is to discuss the different ideas we have been throwing out there as the best way to recognize our good friend and longtime community member John. Lets not rush it, but take the time to come up with good ideas. Lets not just get this done, but get it done the right way, for John.

Idea #1
Xibbard has proposed we give out 100NOK to new players to help them out. Of course we all know how much John believed in helping build up our new players and of course of spreading the wealth as per his political beliefs.

Idea #2
The next was to hold an annual writing competition on political theories and ideaology as proposed by Zinitus. John was not big into writing but we was known for his very long winded discussion on communism and other political ideaologies. It was truly a passion of his.

Idea #3
This is one Im throwing out right now that hasn't been discussed. Im proposing that the John Gurreiro Memorial Award be a yearly award handed out to someone in our community who has made the biggest impact, whether by helping new community members, or by just being an all around great and active addition to our community. Id say that perhaps this could be something that is voted on by say the community, or we could put together a 3 person committee before the yearly award.

Id also like to say this should be an award dedicated to new Norwegian citizens who have had the greatest impact on our community.

So these are just 3 ideas so far, of course it would be nice if we have more ideas put forth, and your discussion on the current ones, on how to improve them and so on.

Re: John Gurreiro Memorial

Posted: 27 Jun 2017 02:04
by Joshua Morriseau
Any thoughts guys?

Re: John Gurreiro Memorial

Posted: 27 Jun 2017 22:38
by Xibbard
I cannot come up with another idea,

We could however introduce yearly awards, in name of John & Yanisin.
But i just can't come up with another idea.