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National Survey

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 23:42
by Joshua Morriseau
Hey everybody, the Norwegian Green Party would like to send out a National Survey and want to encourage all Norwegian citizens to take it please. It will help us to identify what is most important to Norwegians and help us to develop our party policies and guide our new Congress Members when making decisions. I require your name but all answers are anonymous. Thanks! :D ... 78410/1/20

Re: National Survey

Posted: 28 Feb 2014 02:23
by Stakerauo
Woohoo! A survey! I love events like these, because it's different from just the boring old nothing! :D
No need to say I answered it, I assume.

Re: National Survey

Posted: 28 Feb 2014 04:50
by Joshua Morriseau
Haha thanks!