Spoils of War

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Spoils of War

Post by sky 33 » 25 Jun 2013 10:31


- The event will take place for 5 days between days 2044 - 2048 (25th - 29th of June)

- Each time a citizen finishes in the top 5 Rankings of any battle (2 hours round) during the event, they will be awarded with a new currency named Prestige

-Regardless of the division, all the players will receive the same number of Prestige as follows:

1st place will receive 10 Prestige
2nd place will receive 8 Prestige
3rd place will receive 7 Prestige
4th place will receive 6 Prestige
5th place will receive 5 Prestige

Additional ways to get Prestige:

- Every Daily Order completed during the event will reward the players with 2 Prestige;
- Every Daily Task completed during the event will reward the players with 1 Prestige;
The Competition will have 2 components:

1. INDIVIDUAL EFFORT - each player needs to gather Prestige points that can be spent to win prizes

There are 3 categories of prizes that the player can choose from

- Each category consists of a box containing one main prize and 4 secondary rewards
- Each time you open a box, you win a random item from the 5 possible ones - The boxes can be opened for a price: The first category can be opened for 3 Prestige
The first category can be opened for 7 Prestige
The first category can be opened for 15 Prestige

- Opening a box gives you a chance to win the main prize that can ONLY be won ONCE per player
- Once the prize is won, the category is visually marked as completed, but you can open again that category to get the secondary rewards (without winning the main prize again)


- The order of the prizes you receive each time is random.
- The prize from each category is selected randomly after opening the box.
- The Prestige gathered can be spent during the tournament and 2 days after the tournament is over.
- The Prestige that is not spent at the end of the 7 days (the 5 days of the Tournament plus the extra 2 days) will be lost

2. GROUP EFFORT - based on won Prestige, we will have an worldwide Ranking for Countries, filtered by Division where the winning country from each Division will be rewarded.

- The Prestige received by the players will be summed up and counted for their citizenship countries
- Any Prestige won by the players will be counted in the Ranking (even if the player has consumed his Prestige)


-The winning Country from each Division will win one GOLD MINE

- Division 1 -> Gold Mine with 10,000 Gold
- Division 2 -> Gold Mine with 20,000 Gold
- Division 3 -> Gold Mine with 30,000 Gold
- Division 4 -> Gold Mine with 50,000 Gold
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Re: Spoils of War

Post by Stakerauo » 25 Jun 2013 15:57

Woo hoo! More money to gold buyers! Yaay! At least it's better than the previous gold mine contest
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