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Newly Registered Users

Post by skaue » 28 Mar 2013 12:28

Today, a newly added user is automatically added to the restricted forum group "Newly Registered Users". This is a countermeasure against spam and/or bots. We've had our fair share of those a couple of months ago. Things have become a lot better after adding several features to the forum.

However, some legit content is being unecessarily moderated, and some of you new forum users might have noticed your posts being put in the moderation queue. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

I urge the admins to make sure legit users registering to the forum gets added directly to the "Registered Users"-group immediately. As it is right now, we only allow users who have an ingame profile, and this profile URL needs to be provided when registering a forum user.

Perhaps in time, we will clean up the user base and remove accounts without a profile url and without any posts. Right now there are a lot of legit users without any posts or complete profile.

Thank you for your understanding. 8-)

Tommy Skaue
IRC: cherub
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