PEACE CG is 16k richer..

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PEACE CG is 16k richer..

Post by Keijo Kemmanen » 10 Aug 2009 22:34

Spanish incomprehensible failure with gold concealing.

Basically they were trying to hide their 16k gold to one of the state companies. Unfortunately that company was in the companies for sale list, and one hungarian bought it for 35g. So they bought 16k for 35g. I would've done the same. 16k is not a big money for PEACE CG (Hungary earns same amount in a day via taxes), but Spain is now bankrupt. People should be aware that in Spain there is the second last high iron of EDEN, the last being in Central-Greece. Following week is maybe the most important week of the World War. eRussia probably won't start offensive before USA and Spain is gone. Fight for Spain, fight for EDEN and fight for Norway.
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