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from Jaroslav Kolesnik

Posted: 16 Apr 2017 15:39
by JaroslavKolesnik
Started with the answer for integer syntax, ended up with the big statement for everyone :))) Will post on the forum.

Sorry for the delay. I was thinking about answer to your question. You asked me the same what bothered me last week: What is my political goal in eNorway? I don't know. Let's break this question down to topics:
1) eNorge CONGRESS. Yes, I want to participate in it. But what can I do to make eNorge better or stronger? I don't know yet.
2) Maybe TAXES? No. Long ago I said to my friends "eNorge is 'offshore of eRep'". And i like it! The wealth of the country is the wealth of its citizens!
3) Maybe MPP WITH UKRAINE? Not more than 10% chance that it will happen next year. PTO attempt in the past, different alliances. Too many bad memories.
4) To improve IMMIGRATION? I wish! But how can I trust 'pixel players' in this small fragile country when I saw already so many jerks everywhere - this one plays multies, that one takes money and doesn't deliver packs, that one (you told me) took 600k of money and e-disappeared, another sold the account and then asked the admins to return it.
(Hey taulen, I felt since your 1st message that you didn't trust me. Unfortunately, this is the way to go in this game. Be careful as you are, no one is Jesus.)

Why did I move back to eUkraine? As you might know Ukraine is under AS from eUSA and eSweden is trying to kick eUkraine from eSwitzerland where Ukraine had successful TW for many months.
I decided to sell all my gold for the airstrike CO support (300k cc). I wanted to sell everything from my warehouse and realized that Norwegian market is much slower than Ukrainian one. The decision was to go back in order to open the market (Ukraine has high import taxes). People knew that I'm donating 100% and were buying from me. With my strength it's better to produce currency and donate money to the army for COs than to hit myself.
WHAT A WRONG DECISION it was! I can't access any of my companies anymore because they are in eUSA. I can't use "best player boosters" anymore, only 50%.

NORWAY, I need your help again. Will you accept me back? My fair statement is: until the end of eUkraine-eUSA war I'm playing for eUkraine. I need some other citizenship to "unlock" my plants. But I'm still eNorwegian in my dreams and will work for eNorwegian society with the same effort after the war. Yes, I want to be a part of your team.

Re: from Jaroslav Kolesnik

Posted: 16 Apr 2017 17:27
by int
I think your transparency recommends you and I, personally, would like to have you back. However, I think a valid concern would be: how do we know you'll stay? It's one thing to leave after a year, but leaving after a few days seems different, you know?

Re: from Jaroslav Kolesnik

Posted: 16 Apr 2017 18:31
by JaroslavKolesnik
Hi int,

It was a spur of the moment to sell the warehouse contents in the middle of the battle, suggested by my Ukrainian counterparts. I wish I'd inform my Norwegian friends beforehand. Will try to be more careful in the future because I understand that the immigration tickets are limited.
One day, when Norway has a real war, I'll prove my loyalty to my second e-home.

Sincerely and without any other intent,

Re: from Jaroslav Kolesnik

Posted: 16 Apr 2017 21:57
by int
Congress will have to vote and someone will let you know the outcome. In my experience, these sorts of situation tend not to go in the applicant's favor, just so you're aware.

Re: from Jaroslav Kolesnik

Posted: 17 Apr 2017 14:00
by JaroslavKolesnik
Reasonable explanation on your side, int.
Waiting for the outcome of the Congress.
Anyway, my cards are open, nothing in the sleeve to hide.

Re: from Jaroslav Kolesnik

Posted: 04 May 2017 16:21
by M. de Ruyter
I understand your motivations for leaving us so quickly, but you should've told and perhaps having received permission for the action. Although I could've done something simular, as I'm also a spur of the moment person. :)
Anyways I'm glad you made it back!

Re: from Jaroslav Kolesnik

Posted: 04 May 2017 20:24
by JaroslavKolesnik
M. de Ruyter wrote:
04 May 2017 16:21
Anyways I'm glad you made it back!
Me too, BTW :)