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SSG - Newspaper

Post by Stakerauo » 03 Jun 2013 22:09

Major continential swap of leaders
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Over the past days, several old and deseased national leaders have all suddenly died. Luckily, heirs have assumed their roles as the new leaders of these unlucky nations.

Austria - King Kilorien I
Bavaria - King Johnnie II
Belgium - King Sky I
Denmark - King Matthias VII
France - King Kaname X
Hannover - King Kukaken I
Ottoman Empire - Sultan Karl Marsh I(King)
Papal State - Pope Batra IX(King)
Portugal - King Per Jostein II
Prussia - King Marx IV
Russia - Tsar Cavva I(King)
Sardinia Piedmont - King Grabarzstg I
Spain - King Cherub II
Sweden & Norway - King Akashaton I
Switzerland - President Endy Mionis
Tuscany - King Glost II
Two Sicilies - King Bassan II
United Kingdom & Ireland - King Ishabad I

The states of Baden, Greece and Netherlands somehow avoided this mass death, but remain without any functioning leader. Despite the shock the leaders´ advisor will soon get to helping them rule. Due to the instability philosopher speculate that war might strike Europe at any time now.
I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.

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