The secret world

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The secret world

Post by Etse » 11 Aug 2012 13:27

Okey, so after yesterdays talk I went ahead and bought secret world, and I know atleast a few others in eNorways plays - so I thought I could start a little discussion about it here.

First of all I am known as "Kashug" ingame, and I am a templar at the huldra dimension. Currently not in any cabal, and working my way through Kingsmouth.

I have chosen to start out with chaos and fistweapons - is this a decent combo for soloing? Atleast it seems nice to have chaos as main-abilities and just get a nice passive heal from fist-weapons.

Also I see that you have two different weapon-resources, that are used for abilities. Would it be worth it to try and combine the use of both weapon-types to maximize the use of those points? (Switch between using fist-weapon abilities and chaos abilities)
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Re: The secret world

Post by Akashaton » 11 Aug 2012 17:10

I'm a Dragon called Rogazi, at the savage coust, also in the huldra dimension.. :D
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