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Embassy of eIndia

Post by Jasper Zuidema » 08 Feb 2014 21:00

Government of India for February 2014

President: reborn from the ashes
Prime Minister: Hamturk
Minister Of Defense : Calvinhobbes
Minister Of Foreign Affairs : Ananthakrishnan
Governer : Timberjack
Minister of Education : Vishroid.

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Re: Embassy of eIndia

Post by eraclev » 09 Feb 2017 11:12

Old article xD RFtA..
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Re: Embassy of eIndia

Post by M. de Ruyter » 11 Feb 2017 04:19

I doubt it's really neccessary to update these kind of intelligence, as it's nowadays clearly to see ingame.

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Re: Embassy of eIndia

Post by babulbang » 01 Oct 2017 08:41

Hello, I, babulbang, will be serving in this embassy as eIndia's ambassador in eNorway. :)

As the vMOFA of eIndia and the ambassador from eIndia to eNorway, here starts my correspondence with you in this connection.

Alert: This is a long but informative message.


eIndia is an eNation with a small active population of about 200 right now. We have 5-8 regions with us as per our policy. We are not among the most militarily capable eNations but we like to have a diplomatic and mature foreign policy and cordial relation with our neighbours.


The following is a list of political parties that are prominent in eIndia (as per the latest congress elections) and their links:

Democratic Party
Communist Party India
Indian Banana Party

Bombay bomb is current country president and head of the government of eIndia who is a member of Democratic Party. He is a pretty constructive and positive leader. I personally, have been taken in the govt. by him. I am in Democratic Party.


eIndia, unfortunately, does not have many regions, at the moment, which have a raw material bonus. We have only regions with a bonus. As a result, eIndia generally witnesses a low amount of industrialisation. Our industrialists prefer establishing their holding co. outside eIndia where better bonus is available. Paying salaries of world-class standard, making a profit and competing with the globalised market on any front is next to impossible. We are currently unsure how we will solve this problem.


eIndia's army is not among the best armies of the eWorld. That our average citizen level is 27 only means that we cannot really rely on our army's strength alone to stay on the map. We don't really have a dispatch system in place now.
However, our top military unit Indian Armed Force(erepublik.com/en/party/indian-banana-party-5279) is quite active and organised.

Our war policy is really confined to the friendly and beneficial relations we have with our neihbours now (eBulgaria and eRepublic of Macedonia (FYROM)). We like to have TWs with them.


We want to be mature and wise on this front with a lot of enthusiasm for any positive relation with any eNation if possible. The 'India pact' binds eIndia, eBulgaria and eRepublic of Macedonia (FYROM) in a friendly contract in which there is a non-aggression pact amongst these eNations and a requirement for eBulgaria and eRepublic of Macedonia (FYROM) (who are currently holding regions in India) to pay monthly rents for the regions held. The following article by our CP is the official article on the agreement published in the eIndian press which lists all the features of the 'India Pact':

India Pact


The current CP of eIndia is Bombay bomb who respresents Democratic Party.

Following is the list of cabinet ministers in eIndia and their profile links:

President - Bombay bomb
Prime Minister - Fhaemita The Apostate
Minister of Defense - XSidewinderX
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Calvinhobbes
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs - babulbang
Minister of Internal Affairs -
Visor Of Blades
Mr Mody
Minister of Education - Anubis.3

The article pertaining to September's cabinet of Bombay bomb is given below:

Bombay bomb's september cabinet

Please note: eIndia's politics tab shows me as 'Minister of Education'. That is not correct. I do not handle any
work related to education. Actually, I am the vMOFA as CP's cabinet article mentions.


We have a number of channels on Discord. There is a public channel for eIndia which anyone can join. However,
it requires an invitation to be sent your account for you to join it. We welcome visits by foreign officials.
You can talk directly with our officials and get to know more about our eNation directly from our people.
So, if you want to avail this feature, you will have to let me know in the reply or via IGM in which case I will give you the
invitation link.

We are looking forward to taking the initial steps towards building a friendly relation between eIndia and eNorway.

I have introduced eNorway to my countrymen in the following article. This is a part of the campaign.

Do read, and promote 🙂

First article of my ambassadorship programme for eIndia in eNorway

I am looking to talk to you often about our eNations so that we can make progress quickly. Hopefully, soon we will be
counting on each other.

Ambassador from eIndia in eNorway
Embassy of eIndia in eNorway
vMOFA of eIndia

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Re: Embassy of eIndia

Post by eraclev » 01 Oct 2017 18:05

Welcome to eNorway Forum o7
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Re: Embassy of eIndia

Post by Joshua Morriseau » 07 Oct 2017 05:42

Welcome to Norway! Happy to see Bombay Bomb being elected, I wish you guys the best of luck this month. I see a lot of similarities between India and Norway.

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