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eAustralia Embassy

Post by Jasper Zuidema » 09 Jul 2013 23:48

As I'm the current ambassador for eNL for Australia, I also decided that I would represent Norway In Australia, here is there current cabinet for July 2013

Prime Minister: Flatty

Deputy Prime Minister: Callumh123

Chief of Staff: Molly Jo

Senate Liaison: Nicky6Fingers

Defence: Mickskitz, Greg L, WyvernJack

Foreign Affairs: Tim_Holtz, Riyusaki

Finance: Banzai3141, Venja, ToffeeTish

Security and Immigration: Arthur_Cole, MzCielly

Education: Saiwun, Marquis Andras, Dr. Hugh Jardon

Information: maxi, dodgy_hagrid

Advisors: Mack_Craft, Ranger_Bob

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