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Message from Canada

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 19:32
by damien
Decode Masala to Bob Turkee | 6 minutes ago

Tried to get this info into your forum, but haven't succeeded yet :D

In any case, below are people who can be contacted in any specific questions - and you probably know that I can be contacted in Irc whenever I'm online.

CP - Homer J Simpson

VP - Ralph Kline

MoFA - Shoi12 and Dozzer_x
Deputy MoFA - Gh0st3rr and Cesare Vino
Asgard Reps - Venerable and Decode Masala

MoD - Eric last and I-Bleed-Blue-93
Deputy MoD - Uncorporated, Uncle Buck, Vastly Frozen and Klop123

MoI - Crisfire

Financial Adviser / General - Bryan Alexander