Italian Embassy

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Italian Embassy

Post by Sauron_IT » 15 Oct 2012 22:47

Hi to all norge people. I'm was sent here to rappresent the eItalian Govern. I wish that our countries can have a good relationship.

This is eItaly Cabinet of this month:

CP: Icona
Deputy CP: Castell Militarista
MoD: Riccardo Cicca Cornara
MoFA: Belo Horizontee
Deputy MoFA: Madre Superiora
Deputy Mofa: Millyi
Chief Army: wolf127
MoE: Icona

We can join us on RIZON server in the channel #ITA.MoFA.

Sauron_IT Ambassador for Norway,Finland and Sweden.

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Re: Italian Embassy

Post by Akashaton » 16 Oct 2012 14:49

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Re: Italian Embassy

Post by bATRA » 16 Oct 2012 19:11

Welcome Sauron!
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Re: Italian Embassy

Post by shadowvoider » 17 Oct 2012 12:53

Welcome :)
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Re: Italian Embassy

Post by Lombaxine » 17 Oct 2012 15:28

Welcome, and thanks for the inormation :)

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Re: Italian Embassy

Post by Per Jostein » 18 Oct 2012 02:59

Benvenuto! Mi piace che l'Italia abbia un'ambasciatore in Norvegia! :D
Per Jostein

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