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eUK Embassy

Post by derek06079 » 09 Oct 2011 16:45

Hello! I'm Derek06079, the new UK Ambassador to Norway.
Prime Minister(President): temujin94
Deputy Prime Minister: Daeres
Minister of Finance: Emergy
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Inwegen and Thomas765
Minister of Home Affairs: Invalidation and Jimbojoy
Minister of Defense: Kravenn and Sir Mic
Minister of Legislation Affairs: Frerk

This is my profile
Free to answer any enquire.

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Duke jim
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Re: eUK Embassy

Post by Duke jim » 09 Oct 2011 19:52

Welcome to eNorway. I'm Sir GG, and I'm the MoFA. Feel free to write here or send a PM if you want to ask something. Cheers :D
In-Game: Sir Greggory Groda
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Jasper Zuidema
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Re: eUK Embassy

Post by Jasper Zuidema » 06 Mar 2014 23:55

Cabinet of UK for March 2014

Country President : The Equalist

vCP : WookieO

Ministers of Foreign Affairs : Kravenn

Ministers of Defence : N W G

Minister of Finances : Dr Kawishiwi

Minister of Home Affairs : hotfuz

Minister of Education : Robin Redcap

Cabinet Advisors : Iain Keers

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs : GregoryG

Deputy Ministers of Defence : Mario RIO Smerc

Deputy Minister of Finances : Dr Kawishiwi

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs : Kapten Johnson

Main eUK channels

#euk : public UK channel

#eukfa : Foreign affairs
#MoD : defence public channel

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Joshua Morriseau
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Re: eUK Embassy

Post by Joshua Morriseau » 26 Sep 2016 21:50

As the new Ambassador to the UK I have officially opened a new Embassy in the UK. I was told they don't really use forums so I opted for an article. ... 14666/1/20

Founder of the NGP
6x President of Norway
Norwegian Green Party

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