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The Embassy of eCyprus

Post by granvit » 14 Dec 2010 08:27

Hello to anybody. My name is granvit, and I appointed as ambassador of eCyprus to your great country. Hope to work usefully, and hope that our small and just occupied country will find friends in eNorway.

First of all, I want to tell you some information about eCyprus. As you know - our country was created few months ago with some others. We were trying to create strong society and we won two TO teams from some other countries, such as eTurkey. Unfortunatelly, when the second TO by eTurks was bitten, they decieded to invade our homeland and occupied eCyprus. now we are fighting against our enemies and hope to see independent eCyprus.

Also, I want to introduce our eGovernment to you. It was elected and appointed more than month ago, but the invasion of eTurkey crushed the procedure of elections, and we have no changes in the government.

President: Iaswn
Deputy President: Steve_God
Honorary Deputy President: Andreas Bo (President of eGreece)
Minister of Defense: Pankskiny
Minister of Finance: Dreamchaser
Minster of Foreign Affairs: Makedonissa
Minister of Internal Affairs: smee again
Minister of Youth: Kassianos

Thank you for your attention, and hope to work with pleasure and use. Also, I hope, that fact of occupation of eCyprus will not prevent to our job together. Hope to find in eNorway new friends of eCyprus, and hope to work together for wealth and prosperity both eNorway and eCyprus.

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