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by Stakerauo
28 Nov 2011 21:15
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Topic: I spotted a birthday :O
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Re: I spotted a birthday :O

by Stakerauo
27 Nov 2011 15:48
Forum: Embassies
Topic: Dutch Embassy
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Re: Dutch Embassy

38th Congress of the Netherlands Thank you for your post! Please read and report back our congress if it pleases you :) Congress:
by Stakerauo
19 Nov 2011 15:58
Forum: Embassies
Topic: Embassy of eJapan
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Re: Embassy of eJapan

Enjoy your time as ambassador :)

Please read about our government here if it interests you! ... 99022/1/20
by Stakerauo
07 Oct 2011 21:03
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Topic: Good day, gentlemen.
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Re: teasteMit

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GO FUCK YOURSELF AND YOUR FUCKING SPAM!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
by Stakerauo
02 Oct 2011 00:21
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Topic: I think this could be fun
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Re: I think this could be fun

over a hundred views no replies I want to make a rap too!! :D I'm using this beat: Snoop Dogg - Vato Also "--" means pause. Like if I'm using long time to start rapping again. Needed it to fit with the beat :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...