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by judgen
20 Jan 2016 04:13
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Topic: Kill the country(Forum Game)
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Re: Kill the country(Forum Game)

Khazakstan -50

(I fucking hate potassium!)
by judgen
07 Nov 2015 12:37
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Topic: Constitution and Code of Laws?
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Re: Constitution and Code of Laws?

Sweden has the "grundlagarna" the prevens any party from enacting major change or any change in the constitution itself unless they have won 2 elections with a majority, Ever since the brownshirts (socialdemokraterna, racist genocidal motherfuckers) went from 79& to 20% and is now the third pary in ...
by judgen
08 Jun 2015 09:58
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Topic: Bringing Back the Dead
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Re: Bringing Back the Dead

ePakistan got a lot duller after the dioism focus died off in the country. Today the climate feels a lot more like the hopelessness of the eEgyptians, constantly under siege. That said, ePakistan was an incredibly fun country and masters of trolling the other countries during the "great era of diois...
by judgen
05 Apr 2015 19:46
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Topic: Two Lies and a Truth [Forum Game]
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Re: Two Lies and a Truth [Forum Game]

2. Post officer position in Nederlands is reformed into another role as of early 2000's.

Edit: I missunderstood... I thought it was 2 correct and one falsehood so my answer would be 1: You are dutch.
by judgen
05 Apr 2015 19:43
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Topic: Faith in Humanity: Restored
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Re: Faith in Humanity: Restored

Tjusigt, men Iranier är oftast inte Araber.

Iran= Islamic Republic of Aryan Nation (Aryan as in Indo-European Persians in contrast to the Semitic Arabs and Jews.)