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by sthanheykel
18 Jun 2014 14:37
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Topic: Football WC 2014 - Brasil
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Re: Football WC 2014 - Brasil

no chance for the dutch? tbh I haven't even seen the poules, but normally they'd get far. But sadly it seldom is the sportive qualities that make a team win, but the economical interests that are at stake. In other words, a lot gets "fixed", as you can have seen in finals that NL played. FIFA is on...
by sthanheykel
15 Dec 2012 03:30
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Topic: Embassy of Argentina
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Re: Embassy of Argentina

Hello, mandrak3on3 I am the vMoFA to Norway, so let's answer your questions. There goes our current cabinet: The Government of Norway December 2012 Country President bATRA Vice President Indigodavo95 Minister of Finance fredrikz Minister of Defence taulen Vice Minister of Defence Vileskont Minister ...
by sthanheykel
18 Nov 2012 19:32
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Topic: Lets play EU3!
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Re: Lets play EU3!

I'm playing with Naples at moment, trying to form the italian nation. I also managed to form Finland in Crusaders Kings II from Lappland.
BUt maybe you would like to try to start as a small American tribe and survive the european arrival, it seems fun for me.
by sthanheykel
22 Feb 2012 20:49
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Topic: Religion
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Re: Religion

I'm wiccan and I'm proud of it :)