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by Sigurd
29 Jul 2011 16:50
Forum: Off topic
Topic: Coolest Person in eNorway
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Coolest Person in eNorway

If you could pick anyone in eNorway, who would you say is the coolest and the one you would most like to know in real life?
by Sigurd
26 Jul 2011 19:56
Forum: General
Topic: Reorganisation of the Forum
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Reorganisation of the Forum

I'm putting it here cause I dunno where else to put this so I'ma put it here. I think the forum is so large and unorganised. The original reason I stopped using the forum was because everything was so hard to find. The sections are not easily presented and there are large parts of the forum which ar...
by Sigurd
10 Jun 2010 19:15
Forum: Embassies
Topic: Embassy of eLatvia
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Re: Embassy of eLatvia

Hei, Svolo. Welcome to the forums.

If you need any help, just ask.
by Sigurd
09 Jun 2010 22:20
Forum: Embassies
Topic: Icelands Embassy
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Re: Icelands Embassy

You are welcome in establishing your embassy in eNorway.

Best of luck in your campaign, I am sure the whole of eNorway hopes for an eIceland in the game in the future!
by Sigurd
08 Jun 2010 20:23
Forum: Embassies
Topic: [MoFA] Norwegian Consulate
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Re: [MoFA] Norwegian Consulate

The Government of eNorway for June 2010 You'll find all of these on IRC from time to time. Come join us on Quakenet[/irl] [b]President[/b] [url=]Freke Head of National Security Sebulba Minister of Defence Eris Caelestis Vice-Minister of Defence Terj...
by Sigurd
08 Jun 2010 20:08
Forum: Embassies
Topic: Embassy of eDenmark
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Re: Embassy of eDenmark

Hei, John-luc. Thanks for the post. Glad to hear you have overthrown the PTOers.

If you need any help, PM me.

Sigurd Aasen,
eNorway MoFA.